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Welcome to The Gamer Architect

Elizabeth Frías

20 mar 2023

We are back! Why The Gamer Architect?

After months of unactivity, we are finally back, with a lot of surprises and new features, this space is finally getting done the way that it was supposed to. We hope you like.

The Gamer Architect is a project that was born due to the love I felt to videogames through all my life. When I was an architecture student. I always found the majority of my inspirations inside videogames, and when it was time to develop an idea I used to spent hours and hours inside World of Warcraft, doing questlines and imagining myself inside another dimention, instead of pinterest and other websites. Obviously this wasn't the best idea to develop architecture ideas in my specific case when I was a student, because the majority of times I got bad notes because my architecture wasn't "normal", but what is normal nowadays? And in my country, Mexico, doing an organic project was too much for a lot of profesors.

Through the years, I wanted to believe that I wasn't the only one who believed in the power of videogames inside architecture, and the power that we as an architects have to be able to create these "fake" realities our own. With the new technologies and approaches coming, like the metaverse, this reality is more close than ever and I couldn't be more happy about it, because finally, me, and the other ones who were told that this wasn't architecture, we would have our moment of happiness.

The Gamer Architect is for us, the architects who find inspiration in the most daily things, inside videogames, art, literature, music, photograph, science and also for the people who aren't architects, but get inspired architecturally by these themes. This is a space for us, the gamer architects.

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